My name is Eckart Fischer. I was born in 1967 in Frankfurt/Main Germany.

I have had a rather atypical carrier  – but it all prepared the ground for what I am doing now: initiating  and implementing corporate learning projects.

Looking back at my life I realized that it needed various career stages to feel right at home in Corporate Learning:

Enthusiasm for Training, Didactics and Methodology

Whatever I did during the past decades, it always had to do with training or teaching: I taught younger boy scouts when I was young, trained industrial apprentices, gave orientation seminars for German university students spending a semester in Mexico,  developed intercultural trainings, introduced and trained a new CRM system and technical products in over 30 countries. Whenever it came to training: I was (and still am) in my zone!

Curiosity, Curiosity, Curiosity

The driver for my lifelong learning is curiosity. For many years I wasn’t a good student, but I was absolutely curious. An excerpt of what I  taught myself during or right after school: Spanish, French, juggling and unicycling, shorthand, trombone, accordion, guitar, website programming and the no longer used morse alphabet.

My curiosity hasn’t decreased since then: I always worked in positions where new knowledge had to be built up. Again: My zone!

(Almost) Nothing Works without IT

Also my zone: IT. To be honest, I had my highest highs and lowest lows with it. I had my first encounter with IT during my year at a US high school in 1984/85: I signed up for a computer programming class. The programming language was BASIC. I thought I was very talented in programming due to the great teacher we had. When I returned to Germany and joined a PASCAL programming group at school, I thought I was a total idiot. I quit the class after three weeks. An unforgettable experience what difference good and bad methodology can do on the learner’s side…

Again, I didn’t give up: During the past 20 years of my career I had to design websites, dealt with eShop systems, eCommerce, cross-media-publishing, CRM and ERP systems, online configurators, Intranet and today LMS and authoring tools.

About this Blog

I start this blog with a focus on global sales. That’s where the promise of profitability can be redeemed easiest.

Corporate Learning is a giving and taking. Without the help of my network I wouldn’t be were I am today. I have taken a lot from my network. This blog is a giving back to the Global Corporate Learning Community.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Juist, Germany, October 2019
Eckart Fischer